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Axial-flow Wheels


Our wind turbine blades are suitable for air conditioning systems of various models and specifications, and have excellent air volume control and noise control performance. We use high-quality materials and precise processing technology to ensure the stability and durability of the products.

Key words: cross-flow fan blade, modified plastic

Product Details

Cross-flow fan blade is a kind of fluid machinery, which pushes or attracts gas or liquid through the rotation of the blade. Its characteristic is that the shape of the blade is arranged along the direction of fluid flow, which can produce high-speed flow and high pressure. Cross-flow fan blades are widely used in ventilation, air conditioning, exhaust and other fields.

Centrifugal fan blade is a common centrifugal fluid machinery, which pushes gas or liquid in the centrifugal direction through centrifugal force. The blades of the centrifugal blades are curved, which can cause the gas flow to produce high-speed rotation and high pressure. Centrifugal blades are often used in fans, compressors and other equipment.

Axial flow fan blade is a flow force machine, which changes the flow direction of gas or liquid through the rotation of the blade. The blades of axial flow blades are flat in shape, which can produce large flow and low pressure. Axial flow blades are often used in fans, air-cooled radiators and other fields.

Modified plastic refers to adding special additives to the plastic or changing its structure to make it have specific properties. Modified plastics can improve the strength, heat resistance, corrosion resistance and other properties of plastics, and increase its scope of use. Common modified plastics are toughener modified plastics, flame retardant modified plastics, plasticizer modified plastics, etc. Modified plastics are widely used in automotive, electronics, construction and other fields.

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